Sunday, December 29, 2019

Analysis Of Donald Blumberg s The Master - 724 Words

Through August 21 to November 22 2015, Yale University Art Gallery is presenting Donald Blumbergs Photographs: Selection from the Master Sets. 160 photographs from last six decades. Donald Blumberg is a contemporary American photographer born in 1935. In his early carrier, his work focused on street photography; later on he developed his own style showing mass media, identity and consumerism. His black and white photographs explore space, politics and surrounding us culture. The exhibition is divided in sections, showing different periods of time and subjects that Blumberg was interested in at that time. His earlier work in the 60’s shows streets of New York City, both urban areas as people living there. What’s interesting in his work is that he not only captured everyday life, but also signs, advertisements and newspapers, which give us more information about past events. His street photography resulted in an amazing series â€Å"In Front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral†. He used the black of the cathedral doorway as a frame to photograph people emerging from the church. He used a long exposure to black out any detail inside of the cathedral, and concentrated on the people. The success of the series is in an unexpected angles and composition he used. Sometimes he would put all the people clustered in a corner or show only heads on the edge of a photo. His work is very high contrast and dynamic. Some of the figures in the photos are blurry; ghost like figures representing passingShow MoreRelatedPositionality: Research and Social World2667 Words   |  11 Pa gesIntroduction: Before joining my Masters in Business administration, I have done few researches at my working places, not knowing that there are some many methods, approaches, etc. Thanks to Dr. Stephen Sommerville, for teaching me to do research in the professional way. Let my first research be the critical review of my own positionality i.e. who am I to me and in the others point of view? Does my positionality affect the research works I took or will take? Sitting back and thinking about

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